The GPC Hall of Fame was established in 2005 as part of the major changes made in the rules and steering committee. In 2008, the committee agreed to induct no more than 2 individuals per year, and include previous inductees in the voting process. The induction ceremony takes place as part of the annual GPC awards ceremony. Full guidelines for Hall of Fame entry can be found HERE.

2018 Hall of Fame
Steve Connolly
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2016 Hall of Fame
Steve Daletas
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2014 Hall of Fame
Russ Landry
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2012 Hall of Fame
Joe Jutras
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2010 Hall of Fame
Jack LaRue
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2008 Hall of Fame
Dick Wallace & Don Langevin
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2006 Hall of Fame
Pete Glasier, John Castellucci,
Alan Eaton, and Tim Par
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2017 Hall of Fame
Dave Stelts
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2015 Hall of Fame
Quinn Werner
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2013 Hall of Fame
Phil and Jane Hunt, Larry and Gerry Checkon
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2011 Hall of Fame
Ron Wallace
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2009 Hall of Fame
Alan Gibson
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2007 Hall of Fame
James Kuhn, Bill Greer, Geneva Emmons, and George Lloyd
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2005 Hall of Fame
Howard Dill
Hugh Wibe
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