Fees and Prizes

Site and Fee Structures

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The following choices will be available for your site and other weigh-off groups who wish to join the benefits of this world class organization.

1) Basic Entry Level $100.00

– Includes membership in the GPC

– Weigh-off documentation on Big Pumpkins.com

– GPC Banner to be displayed at sanctioned weigh-offs

– Available for “single category” competitions, which do not include pumpkins (watermelon-only contest, for example)

– Top 3 ribbons for featured category

2) Premium Level $300.00

– Includes all of Basic Level benefits

– Eligible for GPC website hosting of associated club

– Ribbons 1st -10th

– 1st place ribbons for other GPC recognized categories upon request

– Howard Dill Award ribbon

– Eligible for any other GPC Bonuses; cash or otherwise  

3) Premium Plus Level $350.00

– Includes all of Premium Level benefits, but with plaques (instead of ribbons) for 1st place pumpkin, HD award, and top squash.

Notes:  -Additional shipping charges may apply if site fees received after the due date.

        -All money in US funds

The GPC encourages weighoff sites to submit grower data and final weights online into Bigpumpkins.com final tallies within one week of completion of your weighoff event.  It is important to our grower’s efforts are properly noted in a timely fashion for due recognition.  Sites that continually miss the deadline could face consideration of removal from further GPC recognition.


1) Best top ten average– This award goes to the site with the best top 10 average from all Premium GPC sites. All fruit regardless of color are eligible for top ten considerations. All rules explained in Article II apply.

2) Most improved site– This award will go to the site with the biggest percentage increase in top ten average weight gain over the previous year.  The sites must have 10 qualifying pumpkins both years to calculate this average.

3) Grower of the year award– This award will be given to the grower or “team” (as defined within Article 2, Section 1 of the GPC Rules) who accumulates the most total pounds combined from three official fruit weighed at multiple sanctioned GPC events (only Premium registration levels will be eligible for this award).  The GPC will recognize the top three official fruit entered at a minimum of two separate sanctioned GPC events, providing the two fruit weighed at the same event are one pumpkin and one squash.  A grower may enter in more than two GPC events but only the three heaviest fruit will count. The grower must be present with their fruit at all events to be eligible.

4) Rookie of the year award– This award will go to the grower of the heaviest official fruit from all first year growers who have never entered any pumpkin into competition previously.  This pumpkin may be entered at any GPC sanctioned event. The grower and fruit must adhere to all rules stated in Article II, color will not be a deciding factor. The site will be responsible for submittal of information as stated in Article I Section 8.

5) World Record bonus– awarded to a new world record for pumpkin and / or squash.  There will be a maximum of one bonus awarded for pumpkin and one for squash.  For example, if two pumpkins beat the previous world record the heavier (the new world record) will be the only one awarded the bonus.  The current recognized record for pumpkin is 2,624.6 pounds, and the current record for squash is 2,118 pounds.

6) Grower Jackets & Patches – Awarded to the growers who are in the current top 300 pound weight class as compared to the world record of that year, but increase a maximum of 100 pound increments from the previous minimum qualification. Jackets will be awarded to pumpkins weighing 2100# and up for the 2016 calendar year.  A grower will only be awarded one jacket; in following years patches will be awarded to the grower to add to their jacket with the same weight class requirements.  These patches will denote the weight class achieved for that year.

7) 4,000 pound club – Awarded to the grower who accumulates a total of 4,000 pounds of pumpkins, squash, or combination of each between their three heaviest fruit, following the same rules as the “Grower of the Year” award.  The prize is a patch that can be sewn onto the grower’s jacket.  If a grower makes it into the 4,000 pound club without previously being awarded a grower jacket, they will be awarded one for making the 4,000 pound club.  

8) European Champion – Awarded to the heaviest pumpkin from all European GPC sites.

9) Master Gardener – Awarded to the grower who has the best all-around showing in combined categories (Pumpkin, Squash, Long Gourd, Field Pumpkin, Watermelon, Tomato and Bushel Gourd).  A minimum of 5 out of the 7 categories will be required, and will be based on the following points system:  The first place specimen in each category will each receive an amount of points equal to the total number of entries among qualifying growers of the category with the largest number of entries.  Each subsequent placing will be awarded one less point than the entry ahead of it.  A grower’s total number of points will be the deciding factor of the award.  In the event of a tie for first place of overall points, a winner will be determined the following way:

  1. If a world record was broken in any category.  If more than one finalist breaks a WR, it will go to the grower who broke the previous WR by the largest % margin
  2. If no WR was broken, the win will go to the grower who reached closest to the existing WR in any category as a % of the weight or length of their best specimen.


Best Top 10 Average:  Engraved plaque

Most Improved Site:  Engraved plaque  

Grower of the Year (G o t Y):  Embroidered jacket and engraved plaque to winner.

2500# Challenge

Rookie of the Year:  Engraved plaque.

European Champion*: 1st – Engraved plaque

Southern Hemisphere Champion*: 1st – Engraved plaque

Canadian Champion*1st – Engraved plaque

US Champion*1st – Engraved plaque

Asian Champion*1st – Engraved plaque

Master Gardner:  Engraved plaque

Other Recognized Categories (Squash, Long Gourd, Tomato, Watermelon, Field Pumpkin): Engraved Plaque for 1st place in GPC standings

* If a regional champion is also the heaviest pumpkin in the world, the regional champion wording will be added to the 1st place engraved plaque in lieu of a second plaque.

Current WRs are:

  • 2624.6#  Pumpkin
  • 2118# Squash
  • 149.50 inch Long Gourd
  • 8.41# tomato
  • 211# field pumpkin
  • 350.5# watermelon
  • GPC heavy hitter coats will be given to growers who exceed 2100#’s &/or have their 3 biggest exceed 4,000#’s
  • If the largest pumpkin does not attend the NYBG event the grower will not receive NYBG money & prizes. These monies & prizes will only be available to the biggest pumpkin that makes the trip to the NYBG event.